1. If I have an accountant do I need a bookkeeper?

  Accountants charge more for typical bookkeeping services than a

  bookkeeper would. We can work with your accountant/CPA to provide the

  reports they require.       

2. Is my business too small for a bookkeeper?

    A bookkeeper is an asset for all businesses. They save you time for the

    more important tasks of building your business and taking care of your


3. Shouldn't my bookkeeper be local?

    Small businesses no longer need to work with a local bookkeeper. The

    internet and cloud technology make it easy for bookkeepers to securely

    access their client's books anytime anywhere. Business owners can now

    choose a bookkeeper who understands their industry and operations 

    rather than being limited by location.

4. Can a bookkeeper save me money?

    Yes. Outsourcing your bookkeeping services saves you money in payroll

    taxes, benefit packages, and office space when you don't hire them as an


5. What type of businesses do you work with?

    Our client base is very wide ranged. We are all about helping small 

    businesses improve their business!

6. What do your bookkeeping services include?

    We offer virtual services through QuickBooks where you can see your 

    accounts in real time. We enter transactions, code and reconcile your

    accounts and provide financial reports monthly or quarterly as you require.

    We can also assist with (but are not limited to) payroll, accounts

    payable, accounts receivable, and sales tax. If you have an unusual need, 

    just ask! If we can't help, we can refer you to one of our many partner 

   CPA's, tax accountants or bookkeepers.

7. How much do you charge?

    We always arrange a free initial consultation which allows us to 

    understand your business and what you require from a bookkeeper. We 

    then quote a monthly price based on those needs.

8. My books are behind, can you help? 

    Don't worry! As long as you have bank statements and paperwork we can 

    set up your accounts. We understand running your own business can be

    very time consuming and the last thing you want to do is work on the

    books. We offer catch-up and clean-up services to get your business

    back to where it needs to be.